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Shenzhen Linkoh technology co., LTD. ( short for LINKOH), is one of the leading manufacturers of IP Networking products in China. As a high-tech enterprise, LINKOH specializes in product research (R&D), manufacturing, sales and technical support of Ethernet switch as well as POE switch. We always provide end to end network solutions for telecom carriers,financial services,government agencies,education and enterprises to create values for customer networks..

LINKOH has set up production base in Bao’an district of ShenZhen in 2011, now has a number of leading technology high speed SMT production line, the excellent technical staff more than 100 people. We offer OEM/ODM professional service to more than 30 well-known brands at domestic and abroad, and win the majority of users and service providers.

 LINKOH has outstanding ability in OEM/ODM customization, regardless of the product, system or related value-added services, application software, after finalized specifications, will create prototypes with professional technology .We have our own PCB Mapping team, SMT production line, the ability of system integration and verification test, strictly control the whole production process, from drawing design to proofing and yield, help customers to reduce the production operation and industry solution costs, extend the product life cycle, reduce overall operating costs.

As a growth company, LINKOH has been always focusing on the innovative and progressive achievements in IP technology field, and making great efforts to keep up with the new technology. We invested 15% of company annual sales amount into R&D every year. We aim cover all basic products in IP networking, IP security and IP management fields.