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Community Security monitoring Program

With the rapid development of WLAN, VoIP, network video surveillance and other new business, a large number of terminals based on IP like wirelesses LAN AP, IP Phones, IP Cameras appear in our life. These devices are usually numerous, special location, power line wiring complex and difficult in access power. It not only consumes manpower and material resources, but also increase the cost of network construction in the actual process.

POE technology remote supply power to all devices (such as Wireless LAN AP, IP Phone, IP Camera) on the network through the Ethernet cable, avoiding install individual power supply to every network device, and does not need to deploy separate power supply system in the field, which can greatly reduce the wiring cost and management cost.

Currently the main application areas of POE switches are wireless IP, AP phone, IP network camera and other network applications based on IP terminal products, which the power demand s generally not more than 15.4W. Use POE technology in the network to solve the power supply of the device(such as Wireless AP, IP camera) which installed in the ceiling, corridor, door. At the same time, POE switch also provide QOS, VLAN, ACL and other management function to meet the needs of the network devices performance and function.

Based on the varied product application, LINKOH design a variety of solutions, the following picture is Community Security monitoring Program.

Program features:

1. Small wiring work, Cost down.

Usually, monitoring cameras installed in the corner, roadside, door where is not easy to install the power line. It will save the wiring and maintenance cost if we supply power to these devices through Ethernet cable.

2. Various applications.

Where relates to Security, where needs IP camera, and where needs POE switches to supply power to IP camera. POE switches can be applied to most occasions: the government, finance, community, schools, Internet cafes, roads, public places and other occasions.

3. Small Electromagnetic interference, strong power supply security.

Ethernet cable is vulnerable to the interference of strong magnetic field. It won’t install separately 220V power supply when using POE switch, which can reduce the signal interference which will cause fuzzy image and strong attenuation. Using POE switch supply power to IP device, the security of the system is good and it won’t cause the accident by power because there is not strong power in front end. Especially in the hogh security requirements places, the advantage is more obvious. 

4. Strong expansion of the monitoring system.

Network monitoring is gradually from the traditional IP camera to high-definition and intelligent IP camera. LINKOH’s POE switches also closely monitor industry progress, we use protocol 802.3at enough to supply power for IP camera.

Core Product:

LK3006GSN POE Switch ——4* Gigabit 802.3at PoE + 2Gigabit Uplink Ports 

LK3010FSN POE Switch ——8* 10/100Mbps 802.3at PoE + 2*10/100Mbps Uplink ports 

      Per port max.32 watts
      Support 4KV surge protection
      One-key CCTV Mode; 1~4 PoE ports transmission distance up to250M(10Mbps)
      Support PoE port power supply priority 

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