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Solution - Ring network solution
Internet cafes ring network solution

With the increasingly high demand for the Internet cafes, the services people need more and more, people are no longer confined to just chat on the Internet, web browsing. Some quality requirements also will appear, like online video, online games and so on. With the development for the business, we find that the traditional cable network trunk will have some problem, like high packet loss rate, network instability and other phenomena. 10 Gigabit fiber trunk will e a better solution to solve these problems.


The core competitiveness of the Internet cafes is the network, the quality of the network platform will bring or loss customers by word of mouth. Good quality of the Internet cafes network needs high speed, stability, security. The structure of the Internet cafes network seems simple, and there are too many kinds of application, but it isn’t easy to achieve the above 3 points.


For the operating level, Internet cafes request network devices easy configuration, easy operation, at a glance of the functions, convenient maintenance, keep control of the network usage, and strong technical support to deal with complex application. Internet cafes network environment is very complex, facing the emergency situation, without strong technical backing, the loss in not only money but the word of mouth.


For these, LINKOH with years experience combined with the future development trend, we provide a better and more secure solution to the Internet cafes network, Ring Network Solution:

Solution feature:


1. Flat network structure: flat network is the development trend of the international network, all the network try to reduce the network level, to enhance the performance of data forwarding.

2. Strong network fault self-healing ability: link aggregation, spanning tree, EAPS, RPR, MPLS Ethernet, PBT, etc. Network protection ability is the self-healing characteristic. Ring network protocol using 3 mechanisms (circuit alarm, ring monitoring, and ring recovery) to maintain protocol. In the Internet cafes industry, the traditional two layer architecture uses single core switch, once the core switch is broken, it will cause all diskless clients, diskless communication servers interruption, affect the normal network operation. “LINKOH 10G Ring Network Solution” supports all the switches are core switch in logic, if there someone fault, ring network protection protocols can switch the data to the backup link, ensure the network operate normally. And without the users’ perception, system through the two-way real-time detection and automatic protection switching. Make operation easy and ensure the network operate normally. 

3. Network data load balancing: “LINKOH 10G Ring Network Solution” adopts the concept of flat international network architecture. Non-disk servers can be distributed uniformly in the 10G backbone ring network with the logical link. So the data loading pressure performance is very balanced when the network operating.

4. Flexible networking scale: traditional two layer architecture network of the Internet cafes, it is poor scalability, such as increase the scale of Internet cafes, buy more PC clients, Probably because of the limit of the core switch ports, cause it very difficult to increase the Internet cafes scale. The advantage of “LINKOH 10G Ring Network Solution” is you can increase the Internet cafes scale anytime by just add one switch in any node, and it won’t affect the normal operation of the Internet cafes

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