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Solution - POE switch Ring network Solution
Tunnel Monitorring POE switch Ring network Solution

LINKOH developed industrial Ethernet switch products are widely used in the telecommunications industry, electric power automation, factory automation, rail transportation, road traffic control automation, water monitoring, environmental monitoring and other industrial automatic places. The products are network management; advanced technology, superior performance, to meet the industrial requirements of products; the quality is stable and reliable, is the first choice of industrial network.

With the development of traffic, the tunnel has become an important link, and the number of the tunnel continuous increase, the construction of a reliable, stable, advanced, economic tunnel monitoring system has become the trend of development. Tunnel monitoring system can be divided into: lighting systems, ventilation systems, traffic guidance systems, CCTV systems, fire alarm systems, fire control systems, emergency telephone systems, broadcast systems, etc...

Communication network of tunnel monitoring system is the key to ensure the efficient operation of the system. Long tunnel, tunnel and tunnel group has appeared more and more, the number of regional controller in single hole increases with the increasing of the network nodes, the communication network with high communication rate to ensure effective transmission of large amounts of data, high fault tolerance to improve communication reliability, which can appear on the network fault is self recovery, at the same time, forming the communication network equipment must meet the industrial requirements, in order to adapt to the harsh working environment of the tunnel.

Systems also need to have a good scalability, so that the device is updated with the increase, functional improvement and change, can maximize the application of the original system. Environmental monitoring of tunnel is relatively special, the mountain tunnel lightning protection is very important, the tunnel control box will often encounter humid infestation, and some plateau tunnel face the cold and low air density, especially the long tunnel, the car is easy to attach on the smoke control box is not sealed in the device, the smoke has certain conductivity, resulting in early failure or damage control equipment.

Solution and description
Dual to the tunnel is long distance, using fiber transmission and LLINKOH network management rail series industrial Ethernet switches, optical fiber redundant ring network, connect channel, ventilation, lighting, traffic signals and emergency telephone control system, ensure the whole system operate reliable. LINKOH industrial POE switches connect the ring network to the fiber network, make the tunnel monitoring system be one part of the whole communication network, realize the information sharing of the maximum range, ensure the network information safety and reliability.

The system has the network redundancy time is less than 50ms, -40 to 80 , IP30 protection level and other features, completely suitable for the use of the tunnel environment.

It fully shows the advantages of LINKOH network management rail series industrial Ethernet switches in this solution:

The solution uses fast optical fiber ring net work and twisted pair cable network technology, and the network redundancy time is less than 50ms, which enhances the reliability of the system communication.

Industrial grade18 ~ 36VDC/48 ~ 57VDC ~ (POE) DC power input, with cover current, over voltage and EMC protection, ensuring the system operate stable.
-40 to 80
temperature range and P30 protection level, make the system operate stable in the harsh and dangerous environment.
Provide DIN rail and wall mounted, suitable for different installation conditions.

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